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Understanding yourself is the beginning of all wisdom

The most important relationship is the one you have with yourself - I am here to help you seek clarity that will help you live a more Balanced, Purposeful and Wholesome life

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Life, by its design, presents inherent challenges for us as humans. The unfolding events are often beyond our control, shaped by factors such as our biological families, genetic makeup, and early life experiences. Despite our inability to choose these circumstances, they wield a powerful influence, shaping critical aspects of our lives and identities.

Furthermore, we all possess fundamental needs—ranging from physical necessities like food, water, shelter, and rest to emotional needs such as safety, security, connection, and belongingness. In our early lives, the ways these needs are met are not within our control, yet they play a pivotal role in determining the course of our lives. The consequences of not having these needs met in ways unique to us can be profound with long-lasting implications.

Recognising this intricate interplay between our early foundations and present realities, my approach seeks to navigate these complexities. Together, we can explore the impact of these foundational experiences, fostering a deeper understanding that empowers you to meet your needs in a way that aligns with your present goals and aspirations.

3 Pillar questions

Are you wrestling with known or unknown traumatic experiences, navigating difficult changes, losses, or transitions?

Do you find yourself tirelessly giving to life and relationships, yet feeling undeserving or unfulfilled?

Are you stuck in a cycle of body dissatisfaction, affecting your mood and overall well-being?

If any of these resonate with you, it’s time to reach out.

I understand these inner struggles, drawing from both personal and clinical experiences. My passion lies in helping individuals break free from past and current conflicts. I’ve dedicated my adult life to researching and training, delving into the complexity of human experiences and interventions that pave the way for a purposeful and fulfilled life.

Many who come to me initially feel a sense of hopelessness, unable to envision a future where positive change is possible. Through collaborative efforts, I’ve held space for them, fostering hope and revealing the innate power within to find clarity and break free from inner conflicts, empowering them to live life on their terms.

I am trained in evidence-based interventions. Together, we will implement changes that will:

If you’re ready to break free and rediscover yourself, let’s embark on this transformative journey together.


Individual Therapy

This involves one-to-one therapy sessions where we dive deep into your unique experiences.

Comprehensive Insight Assessment:

Embark on a 2-hour journey with my Comprehensive Insight Assessment, designed to bring clarity and understanding to the concerns you bring to the table.

Therapeutic Coaching

Therapeutic coaching seamlessly weaves evidence-based therapeutic techniques into the coaching journey, fostering a collaborative approach to help you overcome your obstacles.

Consultancy Training and Supervision

In the dynamic world of business, achieving seamless operations is key. My consultancy services are crafted to be your compass, ensuring the smooth running of your organisation.

Customer testimonials

Dr Oluyori is a fantastic therapist who has provided me the tools to improve my life in ways I thought not possible a year ago. She is direct, compassionate, and can easily convey a deep sense of understanding.

Former client

I have been to see Dr Tammy over the last few months and can honestly say she has changed my life. I am a healthcare professional so I thoroughly researched who I wanted to see privately. After 25 years of NHS support from various teams, I finally feel I understand myself and how to manage how I feel. Book in with Dr Tammy you will not be disappointed. I could never thank you enough. Easy to park and find. Also comfortable surroundings.

Former client

Tammy was extremely professional and thorough in her approach. I saw Tammy for c.20 sessions and with her expert guidance a new light was shone on my mentality and thought processes. Her help and guidance has changed my life, it is still early days but I have a huge amount of hope thanks in large part to the guidance and expertise of Tammy - I couldn’t recommend her enough.

Former client

Dr Tammy is fantastic and has a very deep understanding on a lot of complicated topics - understanding the science of anxiety through Dr Tammy has really helped me progress, and each session I've had I've left feeling a lot lighter. I do online sessions each week and I'm always looking forward to what I will discover next in my healing journey. Dr Tammy introduced me to EMDR, which has been very key in healing past memories. I'm really glad to be working with Dr Tammy :), thank you!

Former client

"I just want to say a massive thank you for everything you have done. In the last 5 months you have taught me so much! You are an amazing individual and an incredible teacher. Thank you for giving me a different perspective on things. I still have a long way to go- but now I have a foundation to work from. I appreciate everything you have done" Easy to park and find. Also comfortable surroundings.

Former client

"Thanks for everything, it was sometimes hard to come to the sessions but you also supported me through the difficult times. keep doing your amazing work. The help has helped me gain my self back after several years."

Former client

Frequently asked questions

Taking Your First Steps: Frequently Asked Questions

I understand that reaching out for psychological support can be a significant step, and it’s my priority to make this process as seamless and stress-free as possible for you. Below, you will find information to address common questions or concerns. If you need more details or have further inquiries, please feel free to contact me; I’m here to assist you.

Sessions are typically 50 minutes long. Occasionally, for certain trauma-focused work, sessions may extend to 80 minutes.

The number of sessions varies based on the issue you’re addressing. While I usually recommend a minimum of 16 sessions for progress, a better estimate can be provided after your initial session.

No, you don’t. Transparent communication is crucial, and we’ll discuss the duration of therapy together. Your unique situation may require more or fewer sessions, and I’m flexible to accommodate your needs.

Weekly sessions are recommended for optimal benefits. Keeping a consistent time each week is usually arranged for your convenience.

The initial session focuses on getting to know each other. We’ll explore your reasons for therapy and your goals, leaving you with a clear plan for how I can assist you.

Understanding that progress extends beyond our session time, your active engagement between sessions is crucial. Depending on our therapeutic approach, you might be assigned exercises, homework practices, or reflective activities such as information collection, event diaries, skill-building, or journaling. This collaborative effort ensures continuous growth and development beyond our scheduled sessions.

Open communication is fundamental to our work together. If at any point you feel discomfort or have concerns about our therapeutic relationship, rest assured that discussing these feelings is not only encouraged but essential. We can openly explore your concerns, and together, we’ll navigate a resolution that ensures you feel supported and comfortable throughout our journey together.

The decision to conclude therapy is a collaborative and vital part of our work together. Throughout our sessions, we will regularly assess your progress and openly discuss the appropriateness of continuing or concluding therapy. This decision is handled with utmost sensitivity, recognizing that it varies for each individual.

Typically, an aged approach is adopted, gradually reducing the frequency of sessions over weeks and months. Most endings take the form of monthly reviews to ensure that the gains made in therapy are sustained and that you feel well-supported as you transition beyond our therapeutic sessions. Your active participation in this decision-making process ensures that your unique needs and goals are considered every step of the way

Details of fees can be provided upon request. Please note that we have Specialist Provider Recognition with several health insurance companies. If you have private health insurance, the cost of your sessions may be fully or partially covered by your insurer.

Appointments cancelled with less than 24 working hours’ notice incur a cancellation fee. Missed sessions without notice are charged the full fee.

A short waitlist is available for those who can safely wait. Contact me directly if you wish to be considered.

Confidentiality is respected unless permission is granted to disclose information. Details about the confidentiality policy will be shared at the time of booking.

Yes, please get in touch to find out more.

Sessions are available Tuesday-Thursday, 11 am-7 pm GMT. Corporate wellbeing service availability is negotiable.

Sessions are available Tuesday-Thursday, 11 am-7 pm GMT. Corporate wellbeing service availability is negotiable.

Absolutely! Studies show online therapy’s effectiveness, providing benefits like access to specialists, cost savings, and the comfort of therapy from your chosen private space.

Face-to-face appointments are in Worsley, Manchester.

No, please consult your GP or a psychiatrist for medication-related queries.

Still have questions?

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